NoGuru is an app that gathers all the materials a Buddhist practitioner uses into a single place in order to continue and deepen their practice.

The Information Architecture is structured so current events & reminders appear on the landing page for easy access after logging in. From there, all the other features branch off from the 3 segments of the everpresent menu bar: Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha.


Meeting on the corner of Bad Religion and the First Noble Truth every Friday night on Folsom Street, the Dharma Punx welcome you with a calm smile, and offer you tea.
Ring the bell. Time to meditate together.
A sangha of equals.
No Guru necessary.


Spiritual revolutionaries must be committed not to what is easiest, but to what is most beneficial to themselves and the world.

- Noah Levine
founder of Against the Stream Buddhist Meditation Society,
Refuge Recovery, and the Mind-Body Awareness Project

Jump now into the space between thoughts and exit this dream before I burn the damn place down.

- Adyashanti
Primordial Peace

My logomaking process starts with paper & pencil to feel out the tone or silhouette of the piece. I extend that experimentation into Adobe Illustrator, rapidly iterating at low fidelity. From there, I brought it back to paper for calligraphic ink experiments. The NoGuru iconography was inspired by sumi-e inkwork, so extending that immediacy into the logo was important to the project's unity.


- Siddhartha Gautama
The Buddha