Test it yourself!


"The Type Nerd"

Fiona Numbers

Fiona Numbers loves letters. As a typography nerd, she wants clever ways to show off her love for beautiful letterforms so she can decorate her home and workspace, the more customized, the better. Ms. Numbers heard about Ascender from some of the designers she works with at her job, so she decides to check it out. Seeing the word "Sale", she dives right in.

Fi ends up tinkering with the combinations of models and typefaces for 45 minutes, and finally settles on a pair of models for her desk, a few new fonts for her laptop, and a set of tabletop gaming dice that will make her gaming group super jealous. Fiona is converted. She's the kind of connected person who is going to tell everybody about Ascender.


"The Benign Luddite"

Joey Median

Joey wants to give a cool, low-cost, personalized gift for the office Secret Santa party this year. He's not very good with computers, so he needs a quick and easy interface that just works. If it's more complicated than Amazon, he's going to give up. He googles "personalized gifts", and the first hit is Ascender.

Joey hit play on the walkthrough video, and in 45 seconds, he gets what this site does. He clicks "Start Now", and finds a beautiful trinket for his Secret Santa gift. He types her name in, and it updates the image right away, so he knows what he's getting. Looks good. Time to check out. Joey just got a one-of-a-kind gift for a friend in under 10 minutes. Cool beans. He's going to watch Netflix now.